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Why Get a Boiler Service? – The Importance of a Gas Safety Certificate

boiler service can prevent carbon monoxide problems

There are certain things in life we want, to make our lives more comfortable. A nice house, great car and holidays abroad are a few examples. There are others though that we need, like shelter, heat, food and water. When it comes to having a boiler service there is a very real choice between having some of those essentials, like running water and a heated home, and not. A regularly serviced boiler is your defence against having to live, however briefly, without these things, or having to find the money to completely replace what can be an incredibly expensive system.

Tenants and Landlords

If you own your home then a boiler service is essential, but a boiler safety check is also something tenants of a rented property should check for. Ask for the Landlords gas safety certificate before you move into your property, something they will have received after a CP12 (Gas Safety Inspection) has been carried out.

The value of boiler servicing

Regular boiler servicing means that any potential problems or issues can be detected early and dealt with before they are intensified. If there is a fault, then having it quickly resolved can save a lot in terms of empty pockets and an unhappy family. After all, the price of an expert engineer will only ever be a fraction of what a full replacement would cost.

It isn’t just about keeping damage to a minimum though, but also the effect that an inefficient boiler can have on your bills. If it isn’t working to its full capacity, a boiler will take more effort to pump out heat around the home, or bring your water to the required temperature. The longer it takes to heat, the more energy you are using, and the bigger impact on your bills come the end of the month.

What is a boiler service?

With dedicated boiler servicing you have each part and component of the boiler inspected and tested, with those not up to scratch replaced and those underperforming given a new lease of live. Older boilers are obviously more at risk, but even their newer counterparts aren’t completely free from inefficiency or experiencing breakdown. No matter when your boiler was installed, a service is still a must.

Carbon monoxide

The last, and perhaps most important issue that comes from a poorly maintained and serviced boiler can be life threatening. A boiler without the correct gas safety certificate is capable of releasing harmful Carbon Monoxide gas into your home, leading almost certainly to illness and even on a rare occasion’s death. Think headaches, dizziness and nausea in the beginning, all the symptoms of flu or food poisoning. This makes it hard to detect, so play it safe and rather than compromise yours or your family’s safety, get your gas safety certificate, and a carbon monoxide alarm, today.

It is important that you get a qualified engineer to perform your boiler service. Certain industry standards and legislation must be met for your boiler to be considered safe and functioning correctly, protocols only the highly trained will be able to perform. So just because the weather is getting warmer, let’s not neglect our boilers. Service them today and know that when you need them, they will be there for you.

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