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Bert's Blogs - Boiler
Women in shower with no hot water. Needs a boiler repair!

No hot water? Needing a boiler repair isn’t just a winter problem!

Unlike a car we seem to neglect our boiler until it is too late. Boiler parts will suffer from general wear and tear over time and may need replacing the same as car parts. In particular as boilers age, being left with your hot water and heating not working can occur at any time. Brett Read more…

House wearing a woolly hat

10 really effective ways to save £200 or more on your bills this winter

1. Close the curtains! Don’t keep your curtains open after dusk: close them as soon as it starts to get dark and you can reduce heat loss by up to 15%: as some clever scientists have proven.   2. Don’t throw your money away by sticking with an old boiler Spend a bit to save Read more…

Do You Need a New Boiler?

Older boilers that were installed before 2005 will often demand consistent repairs and could be costing you in energy inefficiency. Heating your home will roughly equate to 60% of your energy bill, especially during winter. By sticking with your inefficient old boiler you are likely to be spending money that you needn’t if you were Read more…