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10 really effective ways to save £200 or more on your bills this winter

House wearing a woolly hat

1. Close the curtains!

Don’t keep your curtains open after dusk: close them as soon as it starts to get dark and you can reduce heat loss by up to 15%: as some clever scientists have proven.


2. Don’t throw your money away by sticking with an old boiler

Spend a bit to save a lot: one thing the Energy Saving Trust recommends is upgrading your heating system. Older boilers heat inefficiently so it costs more to heat your home. They also need repairing = added cost. If you have a pre-2005 boiler, you are very likely to be paying over the odds on your bills. A new boiler will cost initially (although you can now pay monthly). And you could save as much as £490 a year.


3. Check your radiators

Have they got cold spots? Do they give out heat at the bottom but not at the top for example? The longer it takes for your home or water to heat, the more energy you use. Try bleeding the radiators: does dirty water come out? The build-up of corrosion in heating systems can severely affect the efficiency of your boiler and radiators. As time goes on, an iron oxide slush forms, preventing radiators from heating properly and sending your gas bills through the roof.  You can solve this with a Powerflush.


4. Line your curtains (without sewing!).

Using thermal material to line your curtains can reduce heat loss by a huge 25%. And it doesn’t have to be a big job: if you’re not into sewing, there are a few tricks you can try:

  • If you’ve got pencil pleat curtains, the header tape on them will have more than one row of loops. Get more hooks and just hook your new linings into the header tape – no sewing. How they would hang would depend on the thickness of the original curtains, whether they are already lined and the thickness of the additional lining fabric.
  • If you have eyelet curtains but only have linings for pencil pleat ones. You can save yourself loads of money by using some of the curtain rings you took off when you fitted the curtains. As you thread the curtains on to the pole, thread a ring between each eyelet, the linings can be hung from these rings behind the curtains using curtains hooks. The curtain rings (and linings) will be pulled along as you pull each curtain.


5. Do you freeze when you go into the hallway?

It could be that your letterbox and front door are letting the heat escape. Get some heavy curtains to keep out the draughts: rather than buy just one door curtain, buy a pair of curtains and hang one at the back door too.


6. Save over £1,000 a year on your bills – visit the Energy Saving Trust

Use their online tool to enter details about your home: you could potentially save thousands on your heating bills.


7. Insulate your loft

If you have a loft, make sure you insulate it!  According to the Energy Saving Trust, it can save you around £200 a year and even if you have some insulation up there, it may not be as good as it could be. Loft floors should have at least 270mm insulation – existing insulation, especially in older homes, may be thinner so it’s worth topping up using blanket insulation (also known as loft roll).


8. Check windows and reseal draughty ones

According to the Energy Saving Trust, draught-proofing around windows and doors could save you on average between £10 to £50 per year.  Of course, if your house is very draughty, the savings will be a whole lot more!


9. Turn down the thermostat a notch

Another 10% off your bills? Tackle all the draughts in your home and it will be more comfortable at a lower temperature so you can turn the thermostat down and save, save save!


10. Have you got a chimney?

Chimneys can be a real draught creator as they pull air up the chimney. A chimney balloon can work wonders and they’re not expensive: well worth the investment!

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