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No hot water? Needing a boiler repair isn’t just a winter problem!

Women in shower with no hot water. Needs a boiler repair!

Unlike a car we seem to neglect our boiler until it is too late. Boiler parts will suffer from general wear and tear over time and may need replacing the same as car parts. In particular as boilers age, being left with your hot water and heating not working can occur at any time.

Brett Went, Director of Valcore Limited tells us a little more about boiler maintenance and carrying out boiler repairs.

Is there such a thing as a typical boiler breakdown?

“Typical part failures include circuit boards, gas valves and fans but boilers are complex appliances and two boiler breakdowns are rarely the same in their symptoms or their outcome. It will usually be necessary to visit your home to diagnose the cause(s) and recommend how to resolve the issue. It is not uncommon for more than one part within a boiler to be contributing to the breakdown. At a recent callout the circuit board was found to be faulty but, as in most cases, circuit boards are often not the root cause of a breakdown. After further investigation it became apparent that the heating pump had jammed and caused an electrical surge through the boiler which in turn had damaged the circuit board. This meant the customer had been left with no hot water and no heating.”

How do I know whether to repair my boiler or replace it?

“If asked, most gas engineers will say they enjoy the challenge of applying their knowledge, experience and logic to locate the boiler fault and repair the boiler. Unfortunately, like any industry, there are some cowboys out there but a good engineer will only recommend you replace your boiler when it is no longer possible to replace the broken parts or it does not seem financially viable for you to continue endlessly replacing parts in an old appliance. If you are unsure who to approach, ask family and friends for recommendations or look for online reviews that tell you more about how satisfied other customers have been with the company.”

Is there anything I can do myself to maintain my boiler?

“Firstly, never attempt to carry out a boiler repair yourself even in an emergency. Always ensure that anyone working on your gas boiler is Gas Safe Registered. However, one thing that you can do is get your boiler regularly serviced as this could mean that any potential problems or issues can be detected early and dealt with before they are intensified or lead to a full boiler breakdown.”

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