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Do You Need a New Boiler?

Older boilers that were installed before 2005 will often demand consistent repairs and could be costing you in energy inefficiency. Heating your home will roughly equate to 60% of your energy bill, especially during winter. By sticking with your inefficient old boiler you are likely to be spending money that you needn’t if you were to upgrade. The cost of keeping and maintaining your old boiler could be a lot more than you think!

Save money with a new gas boiler

By investing in a modern condensing boiler you could make savings of between £300 to £490 per year, depending on the age and the grade of your replacement. Boilers have in the past run from grades A – G, with newer boilers tending to fall into the A grade category. The newer SAP 2009 system uses percentage rather than letter ratings though, with an A grade now the equivalent of an 88% efficiency.

How much will a new boiler cost?

Although there is a great deal of money to be saved by replacing your boiler, there are of course costs involved too. For a good condensing boiler with a high efficiency rating you are looking at between £600-£800, as well as installation costs. This will seem like a huge amount of money, but when you consider the costs of repairs to older boilers, as well as the money you could be throwing away through inefficiency, it is an investment that is certainly worth making and should be seen as a long term strategy.

Your boiler replacement options

To make sure that you receive the right boiler at the right grade for you a trained engineer is able to accurately assess your property. This will save you the most amount of money and energy in the long term. There are 3 types of boiler in circulation, all of which have been developed to meet specific circumstances that will vary from person to person:

  • Combination (Combi) Boiler – This appliance is perfect for small to medium properties and providing central heating and hot water for up to two bathrooms. Can be tucked away easily too.
  • System Boiler – Again both a central heating and water heating unit, the System Boiler can be tucked away in an airing cupboard but produce enough hot water for larger properties with additional bathrooms. Unfortunately once the heat is used it does take time to reheat though.
  • Open Vent / Heat Only – The Open Vent is from the old school of boilers and will usually be located in the loft. Found in old, larger properties it takes up a great deal of space. Again there is a need to wait for water to reheat and Open Vents are only ever used to replace old systems, never as a new unit.

The industry is constantly upgrading its technology and new advancements to improve efficiency are regularly found. All modern condensing boilers of an SAP 2009 88% efficiency rating or above are now able to utilise new technology, updating when it is released.

Get in touch

So if you’re looking to save money on your energy bills, reduce your environmental impact or stop having to fork out for repairs on an old unit, contact us today. One of our dedicated team will be able to assess your property and come up with the perfect boiler installation for you.

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