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Colchester United FREE Ticket Give Away!

Valcore ticket giveaway to U14s

Young football fans will be able to watch their Colchester United heroes for free thanks to Brett Went, Director of Valcore. After watching a home game at the Weston Homes Community Stadium, Brett approached Colchester United to see if he could help in any way to boost the attendance. Together they came up with the idea of ‘First Team Debuts’ , a sponsorship package that gives local businesses the opportunity to give something back to the community . Being a season ticket holder at Colchester United, Brett was keen to get the ball rolling and the scheme is being launched at the match against Swindon Town on Saturday 29 December.

We hope that the 200+ free tickets we have already given to fans will help to boost the local support for a great club. Cheering for a specific team has become a tradition passed down over generations and in the modern era there are many ways to engage with your team through digital media. Yet the live action, standing alongside other fans and being part of the roar that rises through a stadium provides a unique, unrivalled experience. Engaging fans in this experience at a young age will hopefully inspire their fondness towards the sport and their local club for the future.

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