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Carbon Monoxide Petition

The Carbon Monoxide Petition

A gas appliance that is incorrectly fitted, badly repaired or poorly maintained can release poisonous Carbon Monoxide into your home, causing serious long term damage to your health. One way to avoid this is to ensure that all of your gas appliances have an annual gas safety check and are regularly serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer. At Valcore we ensure that our engineers meet these strict requirements and are able to complete all work to a level that guarantees safety for our customers.

We also recommend that you invest in an audible Carbon Monoxide alarm, should your appliance develop a fault later on when a registered engineer is not available to assist you. Carbon Monoxide has no taste, smell or colour and attacks quietly with symptoms similar to a cold or flu. You are likely to get headaches and feel nausea and dizziness. Carbon Monoxide in undetectable until it is too late.

There is currently a petition in circulation that is asking for a change in the law to make Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms mandatory across England and Wales, where appliances that produce the gas are present.

We annually service and maintain appliances for a host of residential and business clients, to check that there is no danger; but on its own this isn’t enough. It is a vital part of the process, but having an alarm that can accurately keep track of Carbon Monoxide deposits is an incredibly important tool too. Campaigns over the years have led to 84% of households having a smoke alarm installed, with CO Alarms at only 15%. We hope this campaign will lead to at least matching that number.

In order to have this amendment put before members of the House of Commons for debate, there needs to be 100,000 signatures from concerned parties, which is why we are so keen to spread the word. There is on average 4,000 people per year that end up in hospital with CO poisoning, and 40 people have died as a result.

As a company that values the safety of our clients and the public above all else, we urge you to get a Carbon Monoxide alarm installed in your home if you own a CO producing appliance. The damage to health can be fatal, with the possibility of brain damage and strokes incredibly high through frequent inhaling.

It is the Department for Energy and Climate Change behind this and we wholeheartedly agree with their aims. They intend to save lives and if you too believe in helping others to preserve their health and ultimately life, then please SIGN THE PETITION. The number currently stands at just over 3,000 signatures, but through spreading awareness we hope that number will quickly rise, as people unite to support the cause.

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