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open solid fuel fire

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms in Rented Accommodation

We have received a number of queries from landlords unsure of their obligations under the new Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015. Here we aim to clarify which properties are affected and the obligations that landlords must meet. The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015 came into effect on 1 October Read more…

erp label

The Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Directives – what they mean for you and your heating system

What are the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Directives? The Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Directives (sometimes referred to as the ErP Directive or Energy Related Products Directive) are laws being implemented across Europe.  The aim of these laws is to reduce the energy consumption and carbon emissions of Europeans by 2020. Acting as an umbrella framework, Read more…


Is your boiler losing pressure? What to do if you have low boiler pressure

What is boiler pressure? Modern boilers are often installed as part of a sealed heating system. Unlike open systems that need a feed and expansion header tank in the loft to regulate the water in the system, sealed systems contain a fixed amount of water and can be topped up manually by opening the valve. Read more…

Women in shower with no hot water. Needs a boiler repair!

No hot water? Needing a boiler repair isn’t just a winter problem!

Unlike a car we seem to neglect our boiler until it is too late. Boiler parts will suffer from general wear and tear over time and may need replacing the same as car parts. In particular as boilers age, being left with your hot water and heating not working can occur at any time. Brett Read more…

boiler service can prevent carbon monoxide problems

Why Get a Boiler Service? – The Importance of a Gas Safety Certificate

There are certain things in life we want, to make our lives more comfortable. A nice house, great car and holidays abroad are a few examples. There are others though that we need, like shelter, heat, food and water. When it comes to having a boiler service there is a very real choice between having Read more…

Picture of sludge within heating system

Magnetic Filters for a Central heating System

A valuable addition to any domestic system, a Magnetic Filter can dramatically increase the lifespan of your central heating system, giving you the most efficient heating option. A Magnetic Filter is effectively a magnet in a jar, that, when inserted into your pipework, can collect iron particles from the internal sludge that collects and allow Read more…

House wearing a woolly hat

10 really effective ways to save £200 or more on your bills this winter

1. Close the curtains! Don’t keep your curtains open after dusk: close them as soon as it starts to get dark and you can reduce heat loss by up to 15%: as some clever scientists have proven.   2. Don’t throw your money away by sticking with an old boiler Spend a bit to save Read more…


Do You Need a Powerflush?

The build-up of corrosion in heating systems can severely affect the efficiency of your boiler and radiators. As time goes on an iron oxide slush can become lodged internally, preventing radiators from heating properly and sending your gas bills through the roof. Does your home have these symptoms? When it comes to determining whether a Read more…


Do You Need a New Boiler?

Older boilers that were installed before 2005 will often demand consistent repairs and could be costing you in energy inefficiency. Heating your home will roughly equate to 60% of your energy bill, especially during winter. By sticking with your inefficient old boiler you are likely to be spending money that you needn’t if you were Read more…

The Carbon Monoxide Petition

Carbon Monoxide Petition

A gas appliance that is incorrectly fitted, badly repaired or poorly maintained can release poisonous Carbon Monoxide into your home, causing serious long term damage to your health. One way to avoid this is to ensure that all of your gas appliances have an annual gas safety check and are regularly serviced by a Gas Read more…