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Bert and the Kem Izzet Soccer Academy

Bert and the Kem Izzet Soccer Academy

At Valcore we pride ourselves as not only experts in Plumbing, Gas and Electric work for homes across Colchester, but also as active and enthusiastic members of the community. We are proud of our town and each and every member of the Valcore team is driven to not only provide the highest quality service, but also to focus on how Valcore as a company can support local schemes.

One legend of the town that we work closely with is Kem Izzet, a former Colchester United man whose spectacular 12 year career at the club saw him achieve promotion to the Championship in 2006, as well as be made captain the side. Having made 450 appearances, picking up priceless advice from some of the game’s top coaches along the way, Kem has now created his own coaching style, focused on nurturing the next generation of footballers.

To do this he has set up the Youth Soccer Academy, KISA, which is geared towards children aged between 5 and 13 years old. This is a key age in a young footballer’s development, which is why Kem has devoted himself to helping them reach their potential and have the opportunity to achieve the same successes that he has.

The Academy runs an 11 week course, with weekly sessions that break down the age groups into 5-7, 8-10 and 11-13. The idea is to develop the football skills of each child that attends, but to do so in a fun and friendly way that can help them express and enjoy themselves.

Valcore’s role has been to promote the academy by booking places on the course and then offering them to local youngsters who are keen to get involved. We have done this through various competitions and free giveaways via both our website and on social media. There has been a fantastic response to each giveaway so far and we are delighted to help send aspiring players on the path to stardom with the KISA course.

At Valcore we really do believe in the effect that sports academies can have on a community, which is why we are so keen to play our part. We have had close ties with Colchester United for some time, understanding that sport is a fantastic way of uniting people together. We have offered free ticket giveaways to Colchester United home games too, as a way of showing our support and building up an atmosphere to drive the team to success so the town can benefit.

So make sure you are following us on social media (facebook & twitter) and keep your eye out for the next Valcore giveaway! It could be you that wins the next KISA course place or a ticket to the Western Homes Stadium where you can join us in supporting the U’s!

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